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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.25 Remington

1 loads available in .25 Remington with bullet equal "Hornady RN". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
9923 117 grs Hodgdon H380 2050 fps

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Bullet review
Used 160 grain 6.5 bullet wild boar, streight track thru and thru good controlled expansion,Would not hesitate to use on moose velocity 2550 1/4 groups furthest shot 50 yards stright thru the shoulder
Submitted by: S. Bezanson
I need a load for the hornady 200gr round nose for the winchester 356 caliber maybe with imr-4320 powder
Submitted by:
I used this bullet 350 gr. 458 dia in a 1885 browning.Shot a yearling moose broadside @ 75 yds 45 cal going in 2"exit no recovered bullet velocity 1850 @ muzzle. Moose took 3 steps and dropped. Works for me.
Submitted by: ramairmagnum
Used 150 gr. loaded to moderate velocities (2400fps)in a 30-40 Krag to take 4 small TX whitetails. Had to seat the bullets way above the cannelure, but they were very accurate in the old gun and pure poison on the deer. Ranges varied from 50 yds to 200yds.
Submitted by: scout34
Excelent bullet. Shot a large wharthog boar through the shoulders at about 15 paces, hitting him centre on the shoulder joint. He dropped like a rock. Bullet was loaded to 2650 FPS in a .270 Winchester and was recovered under the skin on the far side, weight retention was 60%. Also shot a Huge Impala ram quartering away at 270 metres, using a .300 Holland & Holland loaded with 220gr Hornady RN bullets @ 2600 FPS. Impala was quartering away, hitting him just in front of the hind leg. Buck ran about ten paces and then dropped. Bullet travelled through the whole animal and shattered the heart to pieces. Bullet was found under skin just in front of the opposite front leg, weight retention was 80%. Retention of 60% at close range, and 80% at longer range is excellent for a normal non-bonded soft nose bullet. Excellenrt bullets for general use on medium game!
Submitted by: Lourens
The Hornady 180 grain RN bullet is a great choice for close-in brush hunting. In 30-06 or 308 Win. they mushroom nicely and hold up well. They usually penetrate through deer sized game, and perform well on Moose, even when large bone is struck. Accuracy is excellent, and OAL is kept short for rifles with limited magazine length.
Submitted by: Dave P.
I think this is one of the better conventional bullets on the market. This 250 grs RN bullet in 338 Winchester Magnum gives good accuracy and decent deep penetration. The Interlock helps the core from escaping the jacket.
Submitted by: Morten S

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