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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.30-06 Ackley Improved

1 loads available in .30-06 Ackley Improved with bullet equal "Nosler CT Ballistic Silvertip". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
11211 168 grs Hodgdon H4831SC 3118 fps

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Bullet review
Purchased these bullets because they looked so pretty in their nickle plated factory loadings before I owned by reloading equipment. Opening morning of dear hunt I shot a coyote at 100 yards in the heart and watched him run off like nothing was wrong. Later shot a big mule deer twice at 460 yards only to spend the rest of the day tracking without recovery (lost tracks). Then the last day of the hunt found opening mornings coyote in the trees dead where he ran in. He ran like he was not hurt but kicking him over found a pinhole exit wound in the heart area just where I thought I aimed. Did not bother to check to see if I hit him he ran so well. Then that night I shot a large 3 X 3 mule deer broadside at 200 yards double lung according to the witnesses that watched the dust blow off his side. Got to dark and in the morning when we ran our grid of the area we couldn't find blood or body. A witness even watched him lay down too that night. 150 gr silvertips I will never shoot them again. I spent a whole year sick about the lost and wounded animals. Now I know why they elk I did kill and recover with them took 3 shots at 70 yards and a finishing 4th shot point blank. Now I shoot bergers and don't track anymore.
Submitted by: monarchelk
I shoot a 338 Winchester and had these 200gr bullets tuned to 3200fps. They group very well at 100yds. Wasn't uncommon to see a 1/2" group, BUT I am very unhappy with the terminal performance. I shot a mule deer buck at a mear 75yds in the right shoulder blade. The bullet literally exploded. The only thing that kept him down before a follow up shot was a rib that punctured his lung. I wouldn't use it for anything but varmints and paper.
Submitted by: Thomas
I have taken 7 mule deer and one Roosevelt elk with this bullet. 1 Deer with a 300 WM (168gr) and 6 with a 270 Win (130gr). Every deer was one shot one kill. Excluding one spine shot, no deer dropped in its tracks from the 270 Win. Excluding the spine shot and one chest shot that went through and through, all bullets were recovered in the deer on the opposite side with the entry wound in the chest behind the shoulder. These bullets typically loose 35% of their mass as they travel through the animal but mushroom nicely. The elk took 3 chest shots to go down. All 3 bullets were recovered on the opposite side. 2 of those went through the far side shoulder Recovered bullets were 105-115gr remaining from the original 168gr. Both rifles group 7/8" to 1.5" using these bullets
Submitted by: FishyBuckSlayer
i shot a deer out of my stand at 75 yards and the bullt did nuthing but explod in the animail it went in about 4 inches before self destructing in the animail. I was using a 140 grain out out of a 7mm wsm. The accuracy is great but for hunting it is not that great.
Submitted by: buck hunter
Used on Michigan Whitetail in 2006, chose the bullet due to a need for quick expansion and concerned about othr hunters in the area. Shot a med sized buck in the heart about 100 yards away, the buck jumped straight up and danced around with a faucet of blood spraying from the entrance wound for about 40 yards. Blood all over, one dead deer after the song and dance. Bullet lodged in the opp. shoulder bone and fragged as expected. Nice but will try something diff., maybe the Noslers loaded by Fed. Looking for a quicker kill.
Submitted by: C. Rinna
My buddy borrowed my 7mmWSM for deer hunting in MN. it was his first hunt and he didnt have a rifle. i had some of these loaded up so i let him use them. he shot a 130 pound doe which ran about 15 yards and dropped. the entry hole was the size of a golg ball(chest broadside) and the bullet completely disintegrated inside. so much energy went into the deer the stomach broke open but the diapragm was not punctured. the chest com was full of blood and the bullet did not exit. there was blood everywhere on the ground and on the trees. i highly recommend this bullet for thin skinned game that you want to put down quickly. the bullet wieght was 140 grains.i hunt almost exclusively with this bullet.
Submitted by: Coyote50
shooting .338 win mag with a 200gn silver tip with 71gn H414 powder. 100yrd was 3 shots under a 1/4". at 400yrds still under 3". The terminal ballistics are the same as the Accubond. Killed a Moose in Alaska with one shot right behind the right shoulder with a double lung shot and out the left side right in front of the shoulder.
Submitted by:
Have taken 4 deer this season with this bullet from a .308 remington velocities are between 2650 to 2700fps both shots where directly behind the front shoulder through the lungs entry holes are bullet diameter and exit holes are thumb sized both deer ran between 20 and 50 yards before bedding down for a slow death. the other two traveled over 500 yards and there was no blood trail to be found. with the ones that were found the blood trail consisted of 2 or 3 pencil eraser sized droplets. groups where 2.43 ave compared to .73 with lapua scenars of the same weight. both loads where extensively tuned.
Submitted by: Ryan
I have shot winchester ballistic silvertips for several years now. However, I shot a 155lb buck this season at 270 yds and the 180 grain bullet exploded on impact with his left sholder blade, no exit hole. I shouldn't complain too much because he went straight down but this worries me. I think I'm going to switch to a harder bullet.
Submitted by: C. Shoemaker
I was very sceptical untill I hit a 200lb doe "Texas heart shot" style right in the rump going straight away at 50yds with a 130gr at 3250fps in a 270wsm. Hit her like a truck litterally fliping her over forwards. Bullet destroyed all inerds and blew the pelvis apart w/out damaging the meat. Found the bullet up front by the sternum/ juggular area, only 55% remained, Great mule dear round!
Submitted by: cody cash

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