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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.243 WSSM

14 loads available in .243 WSSM with bullet equal "Swift Scirocco". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
8600 90 grs Hodgdon H4831 3045 fps
8601 90 grs Hodgdon H4350 3087 fps
8602 90 grs Hodgdon H414 3042 fps
8603 90 grs Hodgdon H380 3000 fps
8604 90 grs Hodgdon Varget 2979 fps
8605 90 grs Hodgdon BL-C(2) 3033 fps
8606 90 grs Hodgdon H4895 2954 fps
8607 90 grs Hodgdon H4831 3200 fps
8608 90 grs Hodgdon H414 3216 fps
8609 90 grs Hodgdon H380 3196 fps
8610 90 grs Hodgdon Varget 3175 fps
8611 90 grs Hodgdon BL-C(2) 3198 fps
8612 90 grs Hodgdon H4895 3142 fps
8644 90 grs Hodgdon H4350 3245 fps

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Bullet review
I shoot a 338-378 Weatherby accumark the velocity is at 3250 with the 210 bullet, 3400 fps with the 180's. This gun is probably over kill for most things in Wyoming but there's no substitute for dead! I have shot 6 bull elk,1 moose and 6 deer since buying this gun and not one animal has walked 5 yds. I recovered the bullets on some of the larger animals, all perfect mushrooms. The best I have shot to date.
Submitted by: John
I used the 180gr. Scirroco on an Alaskan moose hunt. The moose was walking accross a lake straight away, and I didnt have a good shot at the vitals. Shot him below the hump on his back breaking him down immediately. He swung to the side and I planted another in his neck. The first bullet had him anchored, but I was not taking any chances. Bullets were both recovered and retained 91% original weight. I have this hunt on video and was so impressed we sent them to Swift along with the two bullets recovered. They produce magnum result out of the "Old Reliable 30:06".
Submitted by: Bob Crane
I used a 180gr Scirocco on a Grizzly Bear hunt in Alaska. The shot was almost straight on at about 150yds. The bullet went straight thru the chest and exited behind the right shoulder. The exit wound was about 1 1/2 wide. My brother fired the backup shot immediately which dropped the bear, so I could not attest to the bullets terminal performance. However given the location of the wound channel I suspect it would not have gone far.
Submitted by: ats.hunter
I currently shoot both 7MM RUM and 300 RUM and use the 150gr Scirocco in my 7mm and the 180gr Scirocco in my 300 RUM. While I do not claim to be a great long distance paper shooter, out to 500 yards I am very capable of putting my deer down. When I say down, the furtherest I have had a deer run was 60 yards. ( I don't like tracking anymore). The bullet holds its weight with great expansion. I do load my own rounds, but I do no push it to the max. Using a Mil Dot in my scope has certainly helped in those long shots, but more importantly is the hours on the sand bag practicing. I have shot alot of rounds over the years and I really like the performance of those Swift bullets.
Submitted by: SpecOps
The extra velocity the 270 Wby Mag produces comes at a price...I have sworn by Nosler Ballistic Tips for years and love their terminal performance. However, I had a problem w/ them producing softball sized exit holes with my new 270 Wby Mag so I tried the Scirocco's in hopes that I would create less work for my taxidermist. Not only was the terminal performance outstanding but just setting them on top of my pet load yielded a .335 3-shot group @100yds right out of the chute. Outstanding accuracy and terminal performance with true magnum cartridge velocities has been my experience. Great penetration and energy transfer married with reasonable exit wounds... 12+ big game animals and counting!!
Submitted by: GBoswell
I Love my 300rum, but its over kill for most anything in North America under 500 yrds during the 2006 Montana hunting season I shot a cow elk that was just over 300yrds with remington factory ammo (150gr Sciroco) it was a text book heart shot but the ENTRANCE AND EXIT HOLES WERE THE SAME SIZE.
Submitted by: cwbysrvyr
Myself, I could never give an accuracy performance rating greater than 4 on ANY box of factory ammunition. Of course I know we're talking about BULLETS, but due to the price of ammunition today you should get what you pay for in the total package. Remington Scirocco's (150gr.,3/4"@100yds possible)provide this more-so than any other package I've yet tried. I really would have to insist on this load in a crunch with no reloads available. Else, I wouldn't even go to the field.
Submitted by: Ops
Factory Remington ammo. Used the 180 gr. load on an antelope hunt. Gun zeroed at 250, chronoed at @ 3350. Aimed at high broadside shoulder at 330. Hit exactly point of aim=one very dead 100lb doe. R/L shoulders broken, sternum broken, atrium and all great vessels severed,and lungs destroyed. I thought I missed she went down so fast. Light animal, but I won't hesitate to use this reloading and on larger, tougher game.
Submitted by: E. Sorensen
I've done extensive long range testing with 180 gr. Sciroccos in my 300 RUM. They are very accurate at any range. And have a controlled expansion that is suitable for any range and target medium. This is however, way too much gun for whitetail under 300 yds. I shot a 120 lb. doe broadside at 80 yds. It was at a full-all-out, eyes laid back run. The bullet passed through the kidneys and created a perfectly round 2" exit hole that burnt the hair completely off in a 1" circle around the exit hole. The deer at full speed laid only 6ft. from point of impact stone dead. Once skinned, the meat was entirely purple from head to ham and the bullet never touched bone. The strangest thing I ever saw. As far as front shoulder shots, just take the hams and let the rest lay. I use this for elk only. And have taken 2 bulls with it. This bullet performs outstanding. The mushroom and weight retention is picture perfect.
Submitted by: usmcvet
I have used the Swift Scirroco 150 gr bullet in my 30-06 for 3 seasons now and have had very nice results. I have shot deer from 30 yds to 300 yds and the "inside the game" bullet performance has been extrordinary. I shot a 200+ pound buck at 40 yds in the chest as he was quartering towards me and recovered the bullet in the opposite side just under the skin. The bullet was a PERFECT mushroom over 2X diam and weight retention was excellent. Accuracy with this bullet is sub m.o.a. and gave me the confidence to shoot a doe at 300 yds, perfect broadside breaking both shoulders, great wound channel, and a 1" exit hole. This bullet is a performer!!! It has close and long range lethality, good weight retention, and excellent accuracy.
Submitted by: Southern Sportsman

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