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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG




.300 WSM

5 loads available in .300 WSM with bullet equal "Barnes TSX". Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load.
(Sorted by bullet weight)

LoadID Bullet weight Powder Velocity
10623 150 grs Hodgdon H414 3088 fps
9215 165 grs IMR 4831 3162 fps
9216 165 grs Alliant Reloader 22 3185 fps
10231 168 grs IMR 4831 3050 fps
10220 180 grs Accurate 4350 3061 fps

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Bullet review
Shot a Large (300lb.) Hog with 270 cal. 130gr Barnes TSX. Shot was to the left rear ham and penetrated to the neck. Hog only went 15yds and collapsed. Big believer in Barnes bullets!!
Submitted by: Bob Hubbs
recently came into a mint old browning A bolt in 338 ultra mag. not really having much use for such a caliber I decide to load 160 grain TSX,s over 95 grains of H4350 to give me a flat shooting, light recoiling long range utility rifle that would suffice for pretty much anything I hunt. scoped it with a steiner predator 4-16x50 scope(to bad they dis continued it)and headed for the range. having used these bullets before I knew what to expect and they did not disappoint.3 shots at 2.5 inches high inside .5 of an inch-I was very pleased. recoil was a little more than I expected but still manageable. 3426 was the average velocity.i used nosler prepared brass.loce the tsx bullet.
Submitted by: southren alberta hunter
I picked up a 270 WSM this summer and am shooting the 140 gr TSX by Barnes. The load I used this fall 62 gr of RL22 topped wth the 140 TSX. My wife shot a white tail doe with it at about 200 hundred and fifty yards the first shot hit to far back and the second shot put her down.Even with the less than perfect first shot this poor doe had no interest in running giving her plenty of time for her follow up shot. Barnes X bullets are now my go to bullet as it is usually a 1 shot kill and no bullet to be found. The TSX line has really improved the accuracy of these bullets and the performance has remained the same. These are simply the best bullet made.
Submitted by: Bill Gutafson Alberta
I missed standing shot on a whitetail buck at 45 yards but the second shot (running at 40 yards) took the buck in the lower shoulder. It was a 200 yard tracking job that ended in a final shot. The original striking bullet was still in the deer under the far side skin but had failed to penetrate from a .300 Winchester Short Magnum! Bullet weight retention was good (I forget now the weight) but the buck still was a difficult track and I was disappointed it did not exit. I've had similar results from non-bonded bullets at close range but expected different from the X-Bullet. I use the 120 gr TTSX in my 7mm-08 and am a Barnes believer, but I believe every situation is a little different. Running game present a different challenge in "power" is what 30 years has taught me. Latest mulie at 160 yds was a prime example... retrieved a non-bonded powerpoint under the far shoulder at 26% weight retention but DRT. Good luck, your mileage may vary!
Submitted by: Browing_BAR
I have shot game with and watched game be shot with the Barnes TSX bullets in various calibers and weights ranging from 6mm 85gr to .338 225 grain and have never been less than impressed with the bullets performance upon impact. I saw my son take his elk at 245yds with his 300WM using 165 TSX with what I would term a "raking shot" which hit at the left rear hind quarters high breaking the femur in half and traveling up through the vitals and then to lodge under the hide in the brisket. The bullet still retained over 70% it's original weight. They do required velocity to perform on impact. With proper velocity they will open in water.
Submitted by: 1stump, Spring Creek, NV
Just wanted to let you all know I shot a Bison earlier this month with my Tikka .338 using 225g TSX. Bullet went through both shoulders and liquified the lungs/aorta. One shot on this 2000 lb. animal and he fell over dead within 10 feet of being shot. That is the type of bullet performance I have come to expect from this awesome bullet.
Submitted by: TK
I forgot to mention in my TTSX review that I was shoot a 180 gr. bullet. Same here with 180 gr. bullet. I don't know the exact count on deer that I've used the TSX on and a couple antelope and a couple elk. All one shot kills and dropped on the spot. Accuracy is sub MOA. averaging .380 in. grps. One elk I shot with the 180 gr. TSX was at 544 certified by Lieca rangefinder yds. The only time I took 2 shots but he was dead on the first shot. The first shot shattered his front leg above the elbow and went in chest, clipped part of his heart with no exit. He turned around and I hit him in the same exact spot on the oppisite side. Shattered his leg above the elbow and into his chest with no exit. Dropped right there. The best 2 shots I've ever made on game. Have made some over 400 yd. shots with TSX on antelope and 300 plus on deer. Polaxed everytime. I've never noticed this with the many other types of bullets I've shot in the last 35 yrs. They have been my most accurate bullet in my .243,.308,7mm Rem mag and 300 RUM along with the TTSX. I'd recommend them to everybody.
Submitted by: WYO300RUM
I have used this bullet since 2004 with great success on pronghorn, deer, and elk. Accuracy with my load and rifle has always been sub moa.
Submitted by: southwind
Have loaded the 53gr TSX for my 22-250 for a number of years. I was looking for a bullet that I could shot hogs with and get the penetration needed for a solid kill time after time. The Barnes TSX has not disappointed me and 12-15 hogs from 90-350# have gone down with none going over 50 feet.
Submitted by: Bluegunner
I started loading the Triple Shock in my 250 Ackley after having an interesting incident with 100gr Nosler BTs. I hit a good sized buck at about 20 yards and it got up as fast as it went down, walked away and never left a blood trail. This was not a failure on the bullet's part as the BT wasn't designed to hit at 3100+ fps. However, since most shots in PA where I was hunting are under 100 yards, I needed a change. Since then I've shot three deer with three shots with identical results; .257 cal hole where the bullet went in, a perfect 1" hole going out, and everything in between turned to red jello. I hit one of the deer running at about 150 yards and it looked like the deer ran into a strand of barbed wire fence they way it went down. Excellent bullets.
Submitted by: Col K

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