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5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
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14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG


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9mm Parabellum

Also called the 9mm Luger, the 9mm Parabellum was introduced in 1902 in the Luger automatic pistol. In 1904 it became the official military cartridge of the German navy, and two years later was adopted by the German army. In 1985, United States military forces discontinued the use of the long favored Model 1911 Colt in .45 ACP and adopted the Beretta Model 92-F in 9mm Parabellum. Of all the cartridges designed for autoloading pistols and submachine guns during this century, the 9mm Parabellum is by far the most popular. During the past few years, a number of U.S. law enforcement agencies swapped revolvers in .357 Magnum and .38 Special for high capacity 9mm autoloaders, but the jury is still out on just how good the cartridge is for the application. The FBI had adopted the 9mm, but after its alleged failure to perform as expected, replaced it with the more modern, more powerful 10mm cartridge. If anything good can be said of the 9mm Parabellum, it is the fact that most shooters should be able to shoot it more accurately then is possible with more powerful cartridges. 

This text is based on information from “Cartridges of the World”, Hodgdon reloading manual, the cartridge designer and/or own resources.

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    Bullet weight: Bullet name: Powder:    
85 grs
90 grs
100 grs
115 grs
120 grs
123 grs
124 grs
125 grs
130 grs
145 grs
147 grs
150 grs
158 grs
Accurate No 2
Alliant Blue Dot
Alliant Bullseye
Alliant e3
Alliant Power Pistol
Alliant Unique
Hodgdon Clays
Hodgdon HP38
Hodgdon HP-38
Hodgdon HS6
Hodgdon HS-6
Hodgdon Titegroup
Hodgdon Universal
Hodgdon Universal Clays
IMR 4227
IMR Hi-Skor 700-X
IMR Hi-Skor 800-X
IMR SR 4756
IMR SR 7625
Vihtavuori 3N37
Vihtavuori 3N38
Vihtavuori N105
Vihtavuori N310
Vihtavuori N320
Vihtavuori N330
Vihtavuori N340
Vihtavuori N350
Winchester 231
Winchester Action Pistol

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ID: Bullet weight: Bullet name: Powder:
209 147 grs
Hornady XTP Bullseye
213 115 grs
FMJ-RN Hodgden HS-6
270 147 grs
Precision Delta Titegroup
291 147 grs
Berry's N310 (Vihtavuori)
318 147 grs
Frontier CMJ Unique
319 124 grs
Intercast LSWC Vihtavuori N320
320 123 grs
MFS FMJ Vihtavuori N320
321 115 grs
Winchester FMJ Hodgdon Tightgroup
322 115 grs
Nosler JHP Winchester WSF
326 100 grs
SinterFire RH Flat Point Winchester WSF
340 125 grs
Haendler & Natterman KS .356" Vectan Ba9
347 95 grs
AERO 355 - 95 HP38
352 124 grs
winchester FMJ Power Pistol
359 115 grs
Hornady XTP Alliant Herco
403 140 grs
Lee cast Bullseye
408 124 grs
Remington Golden Saber Alliant Power Pistol
409 124 grs
Remington copper-jacketed HP Alliant Power Pistol
410 115 grs
Remington copper-jacketed HP Unique
411 124 grs
Speer Gold Dot Alliant Power Pistol
415 122 grs
Laser cast Power Pistol
434 147 grs
Frontier Flat Point Alliant Unique
459 124 grs
Hornady XTP Universal clays
463 115 grs
speer gold dot blue dot
466 115 grs
9mm SR4756
467 115 grs
9mm Rainier SR4756
470 147 grs
XTP 231
476 147 grs
Rainer Winchester 231
477 115 grs
Berrys Plated Titegroup
478 115 grs
Berrys Plated Winchester 231
479 124 grs
Lead Truncated Cone Titegroup
480 124 grs
Montana Gold Win Super Field (WSF)
481 147 grs
Hornady XTP Vihtavuori 3N38
556 124 grs
Berry's DSRN Bullseye
580 145 grs
Laser-Cast LRN Unique
588 124 grs
Lee TL356-124-2R cast, sized & lubed Bullseye
589 124 grs
TL356-124-2R Cast RN, sized & Lubed Unique
590 115 grs
Magnus FMJ RN Bullseye
653 115 grs
Hornady FMJ W231
654 135 grs
Plated Bullseye
662 124 grs
TCJHP Unique
663 124 grs
TCJHP Unique
679 147 grs
Berry's DSRN WST
680 147 grs
Berry's DSRN WSF
684 147 grs
Speer Gold Dot Alliant Unique
695 115 grs
Rainer LS TCJHP AA N0 7
705 135 grs
Josyd Cast RN Somchem MP200
706 135 grs
Josyd Cast RN Somchem MP200
757 124 grs
Winchester FMJ Power Pistol
758 124 grs
Winchester FMJ Power Pistol
759 124 grs
Winchester FMJ Power Pistol
821 124 grs
Hornady XTP No. 5
841 124 grs
Frontier Somchem MP200
842 147 grs
Cast Lead Accurate No. 5
845 100 grs
Remington 100g Frangible Winchester AutoComp
846 124 grs
Remington 124g JHP Winchester AutoComp
1673 124 grs
Reliance Bullet Co. Hard Cast round nose Power Pistol
18297 115 grs
Berrys Bullets plated RN AA#2
18298 115 grs
Berrys Bullets plated RN AA#2
18299 115 grs
Berrys Bullets plated RN AA#2
18300 135 grs
Bayou Bullets LRN AA#5
18301 135 grs
Bayou Bullets LRN AA#5
18302 135 grs
Bayou Bullets LRN AA#5
18303 135 grs
Bayou Bullets LRN Bullseye
18304 135 grs
Bayou Bullets LRN Bullseye
18322 115 grs
berry's copper plated RN IMR 800x
18737 127 grs
H&N .357 HP Hodgdon Longshot
18738 100 grs
H&N .356 HP Hodgdon HP 38
23284 158 grs
LEE 158-358-SWC Bullseye
23285 158 grs
LEE 158-358-SWC Bullseye
23290 124 grs
FMJ Alliant Steel
23293 124 grs
Extreme plated flat point Hodgdon International
23294 115 grs
Plated Round Nose Hodgdon International
23312 147 grs
Blue Bullet - RN Power Pistol
23313 147 grs
Blue Bullet - RN Power Pistol
23314 147 grs
Blue Bullet - RN Power Pistol
23315 125 grs
Blue Bullet - RN Power Pistol
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