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 Mini statistics

Highest Rifle Velocity
5278 fps in .22-243 Middl.
5130 fps in .22-250 Ack Im

Most Powerfull Rifle
14412 ft-lbs in .700 NE
13109 ft-lbs in .50 BMG


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.357 Sig

The .357 Sig is based upon the .40 S&W case simply necked down with a short neck and a sharp shoulder. The design purpose was to achieve 357 Magnum revolvers Ballistics from typical semi-automatic pistols. The combination of high pressure, reasonable case capacity and no barrel venting allows this petite cartridge to generate significant ballistics fully the equal of the 40 S&W in terms of muzzle energy. 

This text is based on information from “Cartridges of the World”, Hodgdon reloading manual, the cartridge designer and/or own resources.

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    Bullet weight: Bullet name: Powder:    
95 grs
100 grs
124 grs
147 grs
Accurate No 9
Alliant Blue Dot
Alliant Pistol
Alliant Power Pistol
Hodgdon HS-6
Hodgdon Universal

  Not yet verified user loads
ID: Bullet weight: Bullet name: Powder:
317 125 grs
Speer TMJ FN Power Pistol
349 124 grs
Rainier Ballistics LeadSafe Hollow Point Hodgdon HS-6
516 125 grs
Speer gold dot Longshot
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