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Highest Rifle Velocity
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Lee Hand Press

A full sized hand held reloading press, yet the tool weighs only 1 1/2 pounds and costs so little you will want more than one. No matter how much equipment you have, it is really great to have a portable hand press. No time is wasted mounting a tool to a work bench. When you're finished, pack it all away.


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User reviews of the Lee Hand Press press:
Got my Lee in 87 as a take along to use when a bit of spare time came up when I was doing something else--it went with me to downstate ny after I joined the doc in 89. Have loaded thousands of rounds. Now I use it when I'd rather be upstairs in the living room instead of in the cellar with the big equipment. Last job was 500 rounds of 9mm, prior job to that was 1000 rds of 38. If I broke it I'd get a new one!
Submitted by:
I have used one for a couple of years now, mostly because of no space for a full size setup. I started thinking that it would only be for pistol and neck sizing of rifle. It will do that plus with a wax type lube full length resize and convert 223 into 222 Rem. It doesn't require a lot of effert to do the last.
Submitted by: chris
I have used one for years, at the range for adjusting loads on the run, it has prtabilty matched by none other. A++++++
Submitted by: Boneguru
I currently load 22 hornet, 45 long colt, 3006, .308, 44 rem mag, .243 win, 357 mag and 7.62x54mm russian. I load at friends house father in laws shooting bench any where I want. This is a cool tool and it does its job with no problems.
Submitted by: 74 HILLBILLY
I got my Lee hand press a year and a half or so ago. It took me a little while to actually get into reloading ammunition (collected equipment in small batches). For the price, this thing cannot be beat. This is a good option for a first time hand loader, as it offers an effective, and inexpensive way to break into the hobby; it also works really well if you are loading handgun cartridges. Single stage press, very novice friendly. This is a particularly useful reloading tool if you are limited by space, such as living in an apartment, or if you have no area to set up a loading bench. Quality on this seems to be fine, as I have run into no issues with mine. Takes standard dies, shellholders etc. so there have been no compatibility problems. I use mine more or less for loading .45acp, though I have run some rifle brass through there as well. Works fine, every time. If you work in batches, the single stage aspect isn't much of a limitation. In short, if you are limited by budget, or space, or if you are just getting into the hobby this tool will serve you well. Also, should you upgrade, this could be thrown into a range bag for working up a load in real time. Or even used with a generic de-priming die before stepping over to a progressive or turret.
Submitted by:
I have nothing but praise for this press. It is large enough to load 7mm ultra mag. Will resize this mag as well as many bench presses. Gives precision sizing and seating; .002 runout .
Submitted by: paul crocker
I have used a Lee handpress as my only press for almost 18 years. I only recently bought a Lee Reloader press only because I thought having two single stage presses could make things a bit more convenient. The hand press is very capable and permits great flexibility and freedom in reloading.
Submitted by:
great/product you wont go wrong
Submitted by:
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