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Hornady Match-Grade New Dimension Dies

Custom match grade ammunition. Getting this kind of ultraprecise alignment and match-winning performance from your reloading press has been out of reach...until now. Introducing Hornady Match-Grade New Dimension dies. It took a unique partnership between our tool and die engineers and Hornady ballistics engineers- competitive shooters themselves- to create this finelytuned match die set. The neck size die features interchangeable, self centering neck size bushings that eliminate neck resizing problems. These super accurate bushings are available in .002" increments. That's half the thickness of a piece of paper. And tight tolerances here translate into superb accuracy at the range. Made from selected steels, precisely machined, handpolished and handinspected, these are the advanced dies you need to get matchwinning accuracy from your reloading press.


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User reviews of the Hornady Match-Grade New Dimension Dies :
These dies suck. The seater crushes cases waaaay before I am able to even get a bullet started in the case neck. I have taken the dies apart 3x, cleaned them, re-set them, and I cannot seat a bullet without crushing a case and even then the bullet does not get seated. These dies go back to Midway for a refund. NO MORE HORNADY "MATCH" GRADE DIES FOR ME!! I have learned my lesson.
Submitted by:
I think these dies are awesome. Bullets line up straight. All you need to do is to make sure your shell is in the holder and everything will be alligned. I'm not sure what that guy was talking about with the cases being crooked, as I've never had that problem. Great stuff!
Submitted by:
I Own a Gun Shop So i Can Have My Pick of Dies Any Time The Hornady Match Grade Is The Best Hands Down . We Sell Two to One Hornady Match Dies , When These Came out we have had one or two sets Came back & Let Me say it was always user Error . Hornady always Refunded me back with Replacements . I have seen when The newbees break the decapping Pins Off , Hornady sends Them Free of Charge . Great Company in My Books . Regards, Col.
Submitted by:
I purchased the brand new FN 5.7 dies in full length sizing and have been very pleased with the resulting loaded ammunition. You can NOT put poorly prepped cases into the dies and expect them to turn it into match grade ammo. Case prep is absolute. I do all the case prep by hand, including primer pocket reaming to SAAMI standards, using a 22 degree hand reamer on the case mouth to avoid cutting into the bullet, and using Hornady 'One Shot' lube only. After beng prepped, my cases are run through liquid cleaner and dried overnight. I always use an outside neck reamer to be certain of consistent cases. Probably one of the most import ant steps. I never use anything but bench rest quality primers and measure every load exactly. That effort along with quality dies like these will give you a product you can rely on every time. I use this same die in .308 with the same results.
Submitted by:
I bought a new set of new dimension dies in 308 to use on one particular rifle. I started with brand new cases using full length sizer die and crushed every case i tried.I thought maybe they were a bad set of cases(Winchester) so I got out my RCBS 308 die and sized the cases just perfectly. The bullet seater die worked fine.What a piece of crap!!! I'm sending them back to Hornady!
Submitted by: John Taskay
I ordered to 30 Luger and 9mm.Luger new dimension die set. These dies look well made and useful, expecially the 30 Luger ones. Is there any reloader's feedback?
Submitted by: Rikkihappo
I have a few sets of these because I said "I need dies for this caliber" and these are what I got. While they are useful, I prefer Lee or RCBS. They are not all the advertising says they are. Surprisingly, while many say they like the seating dies, that is my complaint. While it does align the bullet well it seems, the seating depth changes with every load. In my 6.5mm calibers, I usually will just get out my 6.5 rem mag RCBS seating die and use it instead.
Submitted by: Cody VIckers
I have been reloading for over thirty years & have not used a better set of dies than Hornady Match Grade New Dimension no matter what the cost. I now own three sets 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 7mm Rem. SAUM. Had a problem with the 270 WSM guide sleeve pulling out of the die body after seating operation & if allowed to drop free from its uppermost position while handling. Called Hornady & they sent a new seater die out to me immediately no questions asked. didn't want the old one back and problem solved. Great people, Great product. R.R.T. Hurricane Utah
Submitted by:
brought a set of these on recomendation of another reloader and was totally disapointed to receive a compleatly faulty die that cut the cases to shreads. Also seating die is a bit of a gimick because while it does have a dropdown sleeve to align the projectile, all this really does is align the projectile with the die and not the case....the case can still enter the die very crooked and thats exactly how the bullet will be seated. have since talked to another supplier who has said he has given up on this brand of die because it is just too much trouble
Submitted by:
Excellent dies if used properly. The bullet seater sleave aligns the bullet with the die but the case is alligned with the die as it enters during seating process. I have loaded thousands of rounds of match grade 308 Winchester using these dies and cannot distinguish the results from more expensive "match" die sets.
Submitted by:
Bought a set of these dies for my 6mm Rem. I use the dies in the Forster Co-ax press, which is considered one of the leading presses. The neck sizing die produces cases with severe run-out; the un-even necks are visually obvious and when cases are rolled over a mirror there is lots of wobble. The FL die is better, but I wanted to neck size only. The seater die is nothing special - the sleeve hangs up, and I can achieve similar levels of concentricity using my 40 year old Redding with the correct technique.
Submitted by: David
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