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Innovative Technologies

Belted magnum cartridges have been around for over 50 years, and most shooters that reload them are familiar with the case expansion problems that occur "just above" the belt. This usually happens after just 2 or 3 firings - wasting perfectly good cases. Many shooters have discovered this problem when they find their handloads begin to stick in their chamber, or when they no longer chamber at all.

In order to resize a fired case, your resizing die needs to firmly contact the case and then forcibly squeeze downward almost .100" beyond that point. This is required just to reduce .001" from the case diameter. The belt on a belted magnum case prevents any conventional resizing die from traveling far enough down the case. Then as the case is withdrawn, the brass also "springs back" slightly.

Our unique Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die solves this problem and has several other great features. The top of this die is a case width gauge that shows when a little "extra" case resizing is required. This resizing die is used to eliminate the case bulge at the expansion ring, after using your full length (or) neck sizing die. Our collet die insures that your belted magnum ammo will always chamber properly and your cases are now able to last for up to 20 firings, even when using hot loads. Our resizing die uses a collet that fits over the cartridge case, until it bottoms against the belt. The case is then pressed into the sizing die. The collet allows your case to go farther into the die where it only reduces the area "just above" the belt.

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User reviews of the Innovative Technologies :
I have read the reviews for this belted magnum die. it sounds like the tool i need for my 7mm rem. mag. would like to know where to get one please. sorry i dont have a review but will submit one if i can find the magnum die and use it.
Submitted by:
I purchased one of these dies over a year ago after reading about it on the web.In all of the years that I have reloaded belted magnums I had never run into the problem Larry Willis described in his ads. The die arrived in perfect condition and looked to be of excellant quality at all levels. One end of the die acts as a gauge to determine if you do indeed have enough bulge above the belt to merit the use of the die. Over the past year I fed hundreds of belted mag cases into the gauge but none failed to enter up to the belt. At that point I began to wonder if this whole deal was just smoke and mirrors. That all changed this morning when a tried a piece of 300 Weatherby brass that wouldn't even enter half way. I had recently purchased a bunch of misc. used brass and the owner threw in 120 300 mag cases and laughingly wished me good luck. Now I know why. Standard full length resizing failed to allow these to chamber in his gun and he was saving them for scrap.I set up the Innovative Tech die in my press and in just a short while restored all the brass to chamber easily in my rifle. All but 8 of the 120 were bulged and needed to be run through the collet die. This thing works as advertised and was fun and interesting to operate, not everyone will need it but it is great to have when you do!
Submitted by: Timothy Main
Hi I need set dies to 6.5-300 weaherby
Submitted by:
I purchased a Browning semi-auto .300 Win Mag rifle. Its a beautiful gun and shoots like a dream. I'm not sure if it's the chamber, or the fact that it's a semi-auto, but I had all kinds of problems gettting the brass reloaded so it would feed in my rifle. I heard about Larry's belted magnum resizing collet die and ordered one. The die is easy to use and amazingly quick. If you have belted magnums, and have any kind of feeding issues when you reload, this tool will save you hours of frustration, extend the life of your brass, and possibly be the difference between a bad hunt or a good hunt.
Submitted by:
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