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Hornady Rifle Dies

Custom-Grade rifle dies begin as specially selected steel that's hand-inspected both before and after it's delivered. The steel is then heat-treated to ensure the durability needed to provide a lifetime of reloading. Then the inside surface of each sizing die is carefully hand-polished to a mirror finish. The result is a die so smooth, we guarantee that it will never scratch a case. Before assembly, every part of every die is hand-inspected and a protective coating is applied to prevent moisture damage during shipping. The result is the most advanced reloading die set available today.

Elliptical Expander significantly reduces the friction and case-neck stretch associated with other expanders. It threads on so it can't pull loose and eliminates the need for a separate expander die for "necking up" to the next larger caliber.

Sliding, In-Line Seating System assures in-line benchrest alignment of every bullet seated. The sliding sleeve vertically prealigns the bullet with the case-neck as they enter the die body. As the cartridge is raised, the bullet contacts the floating steel seating stem and is kept in perfect alignment as it's being seated.


Suggested Retail Price USD
  From 31.58
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User reviews of the Hornady Rifle Dies :
Wow, I'm really suprised at all of the negative reviews of these dies. I've had no problems what so ever with any of my dies. I do inspect and clean them as per the instructions before I first use them and then periodically after that. I lube with One Shot. I used to use RCBS and had a few issues with their quality (or lack there of) so I tried Hornady and have been very happy. I reload in 338, 25-06, 270, 308, and 223. All of which I have 2-piece sets and neck sizing dies for. One poster described a scraping when using the sizer die which is clearly either a filthy case, die or both. I argee that some of the negative posters should re-read some general reloading instructions as the problems that they describe would happen with any brand of dies when used improperly.
Submitted by: Dutch
I have several Hornady die sets, both rifle and pistol, and have yet to have a single problem with any of them. If you call yourself a handloader and don't know that you need to lube the inside of the case neck then there is something very wrong with you. For any beginners who might be reading this, you DO need to lube the inside of the case neck(with any brand of sizer die), with either a dry powder lube like mica or a powder safe lube like Hornady One Shot Case Lube or Lee Case lube. Also, if you are using these dies and like them, I highly recommend the Microjust Seating Stem. It is great for making seating depth adjustments and for going back to old settings quickly.
Submitted by: Cliff G.
The sizing dies are horrible, I was resizing 300RUM and had to lube the inside of the neck so the case will come back out of the die. If you don't lube the inside then I suggest taking all the pictures off your walls before trying to get the case out. I figured it was so sticky just because of the huge case size. Tried using Hornady again for .204, same story. Seating dies aren't bad though.
Submitted by:
WOW...I cant believe the posts regarding Hornady dies. When reading the negative posts they all scream a single common theme...people trying to use dies that have no business around relaoding equipment. I would suggest learning what you're doing before you hurt yourselves.
Submitted by: Mike
Just bought some hornady dies for the 300wsm. Worst dies I ever tried to work with. takes so much lube or the case will stick tight. Should have known better, RCBS dies are the best there is. If you can't get them then go with Lee. I will never buy Hoornady dies again........
Submitted by:
Wow, someone is a Hornady shill for sure. My dies, custom grade new dimension are total garbage. When they say "new dimension" they sure as hell aren't talking about new manufacturers specs. But a new one they've invented...I'd say they're running under by a .10 yes one tenth off. You will never get your case out of the die, nor will it be fully re-sized. It's this kind of crookery that's rotting away at the core of this country... Thanks, Hornady for ruining my day. P.S. v-max bullets group like Khyber pass handmade loads...
Submitted by: MadMike
Sir My excperience with hornady new demension diesn has always been bvery posiyive I hjave 6 cal;ibers I reload for and they have never let me down Some I have used for many years and the decaping spendile waqs well woprn. I contacted nhornady a d the units were replaced. I am well pleased. Respectfully M Bennett Jav Fla.
Submitted by:
They are great dies I have a few different sets of them quality is top notch an if you ever have a problem call their customer service they will get you what you need with no hassle
Submitted by: J.R
You fellows fussing about the ball to hard back through, cases getting stuck, ect. Find another hobby, this one ain't for you. If you had fussed about run out? I might have cut you a little slack.
Submitted by: Watson Forrest
New Dimension (ND) full length die; yup, it's true, they produced new dimensions on all my .308 cases headspace. So now my cases won't chamber after FL sizing in the Hornady ND die. Tried to adjust the headspace problem out of the ND die per Hornady instructions, result was the decap pin snapped off and zip mandrel (tapered button plug) bent to one side. Corrected wrong headspace on all my cases using my old Lee FL die. I don't recommend the Hornady New Dimension die set.
Submitted by: TT2Toes
I have had more problems with these dies than all other brands combined, they have a habit of scratching brass when sizing, I have had to take them apart continually and cleaned burrs out of the sizer, I won't use their sizers, I do like their seaters though, unfortunately I got a good deal on several of these die sets before I found their flaws
Submitted by:
The set I got wouldn't hold the bullet after sizing! When I talked to the warranty department it was like I was a second class citizen. I finally got them to replace the die, but ... On the other hand I've had nothing but excellent service from the RCBS folks!
Submitted by: TJN
I have just started using a set of full length Hornady .308 dies and I am very happy with them. I am not sure why there are negative reviews. All I can suggest is lube the entire outer case and inside the neck. I am ripping through my reloads and loving it. I shoot at a club where several guys are using these same dies with success. I am having no trouble what so ever with the primer slipping.
Submitted by: Rich - Australia
got a brand new .223 hornady die set. casing goes in and out nicely but the "zip spindle" is worthless on mine at least. i dont doubt some of you have had good experiences with them but mine just doesnt seem to work. the threading is as it says in the instructions "lightly threaded to provide a no-slip lock" however when the "lightly threaded" spindle slides through the spindle lock almost freely it kinda makes it a useless waste of money unless you feel like welding it in place
Submitted by: Ben
I love hornady dies and have used them for decades. However the new American dies suck and will never use them again. You get what you pay for.
Submitted by: Pre64junkie
I'm switching to all Hornady dies and unloading (no pun intended) my Lee dies. I was getting horrid accuracy with Lee dies, and when I took a closer look at the quality of the dies, or lack thereof, could see why. I wondered why Lee dies were so plentiful, now I know why.
Submitted by:
Haven't had any problems with the Hornady dies, any of the 63 I own. Read lots of complaints here, but all are easily solved if you ACTUALLY know what you are doing, maybe the whiners should quit reloading before they actually hurt themselves or soemone else. Try washing the die first to remove the preservative, then actually think seriously about cleaning your brass and brushing the inside of the neck before sizing it so your expander ball doesn't grab onto anything. In fact, mica dust should be lightly applied to the insides of the necks, it lowers friction and actually eliminates a lot of case stretch. I've experienced probelms with everyone's dies, but the problems all easily solved by thinking. Think before you guys bitch about nothing. All of you beginners out there should seriously think about whom you take advice from on the internet, all of the reloading manuals and die instructions will tell you to do exactly what I just wrote. Daniel
Submitted by:
I have been through 3 different sets of Hornady CGND sizer dies in .223 Rem, thinking that each previous die was defective, right? No, they just suck. When extracting the case from the die, it sounds more like pulling a nail from an old piece of wood. I tried One Shot, I tried Unique, I even tried synthetic motor oil, and no brand of lube in any quantity, sparing or gooping, would stop the popping of the press handle or that horrid screech. The poor Technician from Hornady that I got on the phone was helpful, but after running through the litany of standard; "Are you doing this?" questions, I apparently had all the bases covered and all he could suggest was to send the die back to re-polish the interior. Not something you would expect from a brand new die from Hornady, let alone 3 of them. If you get one, save some time and get the stuck case remover added to your order.
Submitted by:
I am quite new to the reloading game, however I have had no problems whatsoever with the Hornady Dies. I purchased the Hornady Match Grade Neck die, the Full Length Sizer die and the Forster Micrometer Seater die for my 6ppc. As stated by other reloaders, clean dies, clean brass and proper lubrication are paramount no matter whose brand you use.
Submitted by: B Aman
The shell is harder to put in the gun after resizing than before, yes i can read and set up dies just like the instructions say, but the 7mm-08 dies I have are crap. 10 thou over sized compared to factory. What gives?
Submitted by:
The dies using the collet locked decaping pins are hopeless, dont they make a threaded variety?;-and yes there is no guarrantee of good concentricity with the bullet seater as the case body is not controlled by the sliding sleeve as it isn't long enough to center the body of the case and as such it relies entirley on the sized concentricity of the case and how the case is located in the shell holder!!!,proberly redding have a patent on the long sleeve other wise not using it is cheap or lazy,I have a box full of the dies in all sorts of calibers, would concider any offers. Peter
Submitted by: peter boswell,
I was not impressed whatsoever with these dies. The resizing die took so much pressure to use that I thought I was going to have a hernia. The collet based decapping assembly occasionally pulls through the die, becoming stuck in the case. I had to weld it in to make it stay. This was with a 280 Ackley. Would not recommend this product to anyone.
Submitted by: Billy
I usually don't post reviews but after reading the slew of negative reviews I feel obligated to chime in. Lubing the inside of the case, absolutely necessary with any die. The Collet sizer must be tightened with a wrench not your hands, that's why its not knurled but hex headed. If you like rcbs dies come by my house by Thursday because there are 3 sets in the trash you can dig them out if you want next to Dillon and redding the hornady custom dies are the best there is don't hesitate to buy them if your new to reloading,and don't plan on skipping steps as you should never do when reloading.
Submitted by:
I see a lot of comments telling people that are having problems that they should not be reloading. Well I have been reloading for 40 years and I have nothing but problems with the New Dimension dies. You really need to tighten the nut down to keep the zip spindle from pulling down with the brass. The zip spindle is weak. I broke the one in my 204 dies and have been 3 months trying to find one. The seater in the die will go up in and not drop down a lot of times. I have never had so many problems with a set of dies. I am going to go back to using RCBS dies.
Submitted by: Mark
I reload using hornady New dimension dies, 223 7mm rem mag 30-30 30/06 38 spl 40 45 ACP 45 colt And have NEVER HAD A PROBLAM! They are fine and I love the bullet guide. Reloading takes some problem solving skills sometimes and that's one of the things I love about it, if you have No mechanical abilities, Little patience, And/or do not like to solve small problems then go to the store and buy a box of pre made bullets ;)
Submitted by: lka
I have used every companies dies and like hornady the best and I've been reloading for several years.I'm 67 years old and have had several problems with every bodys dies except hornady.I usually don't respond but unfair criticism is usually lack of experience.No I don't work for hornady but I know quality when I see it.Whenever Ive had problems with any companies reloading equipment they have always honered my requests,maybe a little patience with customer service would be a helpful hint rather than the negative feed back without resolution.How can I who loads several different calibers with no problems at all be so unique to all these negative complaints.I'll be more than glad to take those crappy hornady dies that won't work for you.
Submitted by:
I have used Hornady along with other manufacturers of dies in numerous calibers over 35 years of reloading. I bought a new .308 die set several years ago but never opened it until recently. The sizing die was horrible. It seemed to be undersized. The die would machine a burr along 1/2 of the diameter of the case just above the case head. I called Hornady. I explained the problem I had with their die. The tech I spoke with, sent a complete replacement die which included their threaded shaft assembly. It works perfectly. Being that the die was probably an older production run, they may have had quality problems back then. I was extremely impressed with their customer service and the quality of their products. Now if I can only get my 7mm Rem Mag reloads to work...
Submitted by: M. Maury
Bought a set of 308 hornady new dimension dies. Tried to resize my once fired cases and they would get stuck in full length sizer,after several attempts to figure out problem,ie;blown out cases,measuring cases with calipers,then tried my rcbs resizing die and it worked perfectly!Tried to size cases in my hornady after resizing with rcbs die and still would get stuck.Hornady resizing die sucks.I'm sending it back to Hornady!
Submitted by: John T
I have been using and still use Hornady rifle and pistol dies and have had nothing but good luck with all of them. I have used RCBS and have not had good luck with them. I believe in Hornady products and will continue to buy and use them.
Submitted by:
I am amazed at the number of people who claim to be handloaders and yet appear to know very little of the basics of handloading. Dirty cases, lack of lubrication, and a lack of basic handloading knowledge will necessarily result in an unsatisfactory handloading experience. However, it is a mistake for inexperienced handloaders to blame the tool. Bottleneck rifle cases need to be lubricated before attempting to resize them. Even lightly lube inside the case neck in order to prevent case stretching and case runout. Thoroughly clean the cases before reloading, as well as after. All manufacturers make quality reloading dies... but Hornady makes quality reloading dies that make quality ammunition. :-)
Submitted by: James in the Ouachitas
I liked the Hornady seating die with the moving alignment sleeve in .30-06 & my run-out gauge confirms that it is doing a superior job of minimizing bullet run-out. I have a RCBS 5 station case processing gizmo (you know what I mean) & thoroughly polish the inside of my case necks with a bronze wire rotary brush during the case preparation stage as I don't get off on the idea of having to lubricate the inside of my case necks with dry lubricant ( a pain in the butt). I was less enamored with the Hornady FL sizing die and now I'm using a RCBS sizing die in partnership with a Hornady seating die to reload for my Savage model 116 FCSS in .30-06. The best of both worlds.
Submitted by:
I buy nothing but Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Dies anymore, they are the best dies I have ever used. I have some RCBS dies, they don't seem to work near as well as these. I load for .22-250, .223, .257, .25-06, .284, 7mm Mag, soon to load for my new 7mm RUM, .30-06, .308, .338 Win Mag, .357, 40 S&W, .44 Mag .45 ACP. I have had nothing but great results with all rounds. I especially like the strait walled hangun sizer dies, titanium nitride insert, no lube required!
Submitted by: Josh, MN
I bought a set of Hornady .308 dies because they quit making the elliptical neck expander for other die companies. I did this thinking one is as good as another,and this one has an additional feature I really like (I had used one in my .300 Whisper dies bought back in the nineties). With my prepped and lubed cases ready, I had some difficulty sizing and then the third one stuck: no getting it out. Thankfully, Bass Pro Shops took them back. I called Huntington die for a new decapping stem and went back to my RCBS sizer. A bad experience, yes, but not my only one in thirty-two years or loading. I submit that Hornady has put out a bad batch of dies That are still turning up in retail stores. I have other that were ok, but not this time.
Submitted by: T. Weeks
I do not know what is going on with the Hornady company. They have always had top quality components and equipment, but their rifle dies, forgive my frankness, their dies stink! I have 8 Hornady dies and they all seem to pull the decapper through the die. Since the decapper is not threaded it just slides through. I tighten the nut to the point of breaking it but still it slides through. I give my nod to Redding dies, then RCBS, then Lee. The Lees are the best deal unless you can get the other dies used. If Hornady would come up with a retrofit kit that has a threaded decapper then I would stay with Hornady, but until that time I will go with anyone else rather than Hornady. But I must say they have great bullets.
Submitted by: Schoe
The full sizing die is excellent. Imperial wax and run out is 0.1. Impressed. The seating die is not as good as the forster dies I have. Running A max with the correct seating stem didn't help much. Seems to be a bit of a lottery. Wii stick with Forster in the future.
Submitted by: Keith
i experienced a problem with the resizing die. trying to load .264 win mag with these dies was almost impossible. decapping pin pulled thought the die, and the expander ball always stuck.
Submitted by: dan
These dies are the worst dies in the world. Whenever I use the die i have to crack a fresh can of copenhagen to endure the suffering brought along with these dies. The resizing die gets stuck a ton no matter the amount or type of lube used. The seating die is also a load of shit. Half of the time you use the seating die the bullet will not go completely into the die. I would rather get raped by an Afghan goat then uses Hornady dies again. Go with RCBS dies.
Submitted by: Noah
I have been reloading a great number of rifle cases for nigh on 50 years and used just about every commercial die made along with a few custom dies.. In my experience Hornady dies are a lot better than most but the added features such as the new zip spindle, locking rings and ring seals make them extremely user friendly. Also if you ever get a stuck case (it happens) send the die back to them and they remove the stuck case and polished, refurbished and replaced the old spindles with the new zip spindles (not sure if they still do this - but some years ago they did and I have used it several times) ..all for the cost of return postage only - that includes overseas you can't beat that for service! Am now replacing all my dies to Hornady Zip Spindle type ones where they are made for the cases I load..I like them and would recommend them over other commercial brands - especially RCBS and Lee who have lost quality of late in their metal and rough construction ....just my two cents worth
Submitted by: Tom Sutton
I have used all other brands of dies RCBS Lee Ch4d this was the first Hornady die set ive used and its horrible. I got it to load my 223 and the case keeps getting stuck in the resizing die. It has happened to me twice already. The first time its ever happened. I use lube it does not help. HORRIBLE save your money and time and hastle.
Submitted by: Brandon
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