Load 4776 in caliber .300 Whisper


LoadID 4776
Bullet Berger HP
Bullet Weight 8.1 g
Powder Vihtavuori N110
Powder Weight 1.26 g
Primer Federal 205M
Brass Make Federal 221
Barrel Length 56 cm
C.O.L mm
Velocity 717 m/s
Group 0.183 (inches by 3 shot at 100 yds)
Submitted Date 1/1/2003 12:58:00 PM
Submitted By
Gun Info
Energy 212 Kgm/s^2
TKO 12.93
OGW 138 Kg
IPSC PF 293.88


Note: Measured velocity is at current barrel length.

Warning: Even this was a safe load in current weapon,
ALWAYS start 5-10% lower and work yourself up to a safe
max level in your weapon.
ReloadersNest and the author takes no responsibility for
any result using these loads.