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Hornady XTP penetration test
  Firing a Hornady XTP bullet into wet phonebooks, gives us some good indications on how this bullet penetrates and what wound channel it will cause. See how the 40 S&W stood up against the 30-06 Springfield.

Why, and for what reason would you like to compare penetrating capabilities in these two totally different calibers? We never intended too, nor are we going to draw any conclusion. The result however led us to take a look back on a similar test done a while ago, in the 30-06 Springfield.
To get a background for this article, take a look at the article “Cal .30 bullet review

The setup was the same as last time. Phonebooks soaked in water being shot from 10 yards. Every shot fired was measured over a chronograph for correct velocity. After the shot was fired, the phonebooks was gently dissected, “wound channel” measured and the number phonebooks the bullet penetrated was written down.


  Fig.1 The XTP bullet recovered from page 730
in phonebbok no 4
In this little test, the 180 grs Hornady XTP bullet was compared to a 135 grs Sierra JHP and a 170 grs Speer TMJ bullet. These bullets aren’t really comparable, since they vary much in both weight and design, but show for comparison a fast expanding JHP bullet and a solid TMJ bullet.
These are the test loads:

LoadID 456. 180 grs Hornady XTP, Vo=1068 fps
LoadID 455. 135 grs Sierra JHP, Vo=1323 fps
LoadID 457. 180 grs Speer TMJ, Vo=1013 fps

  Fig.2 The XTP bullet and the "exit wound"..  
Fig.3 Sorry Garfield.
This is how it looked between phonebook one and two. Note that the middle “wound channel” shows a bit reduced. This was the first shot fired and hence it has been a bit squeezed together caused by the other two shots.
From top to bottom: Speer TMJ, Hornady XTP and then Sierra JHP.
The penetration figures goes like this:
135 grs Sierra JHP – 2 phonebooks and 750 pages
180 grs Hornady XTP – 3 phonebooks and 730 pages
180 grs Speer TMJ – 8+ phonebooks*

*In the test setup I only had 8 phonebooks. It penetrated all of them and hit a rock in the background…
(Each phonebook has approx 1000-1100 pages.)

So where is all the comparison to the 30-06? Well, I won’t draw any conclusion here, but consider that the XTP bullet, achieved the same remaining weight (and better), same frontal diameter and penetrated almost the same amount of wet paper as some of the well proven big game bullets for the 30-06. The “wound channel” was of course a bit smaller from the XTP bullet. Does this mean you can shoot a deer with a proper loaded 40 S&W?

Fig 4&5 This phonebook setup was just for capturing the massive “wound channel” the fast and light Sierra JHP caused.


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